Seed Links Behavior Management, LLC.

Seed Links Behavior Management, LLC.




Our Mission

It is our mission to assertively and professionally produce long-term services for the families and communities we serve in order to efficiently initiate access to recovery and mental health care.

SeedLinks Behavior Management, LLC advocates for planning and policies at all levels of society to provide accessible, reliable mental health services with a focus on prevention and treatment.

Our Vision

To educate all segments of the communities we serve about mental health, the process of coping with recovery, as well as the consequences of untreated addiction and mental illness.

Our Goals

  • To provide families and communities with recovery support service and a tailored recovery commitment within a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To collaborate with community entities to facilitate access to resources for SeedLinks Behavior Management families; and to help families establish a strong support system to reduce the risk of relapse.
  • To educate families about addiction, long-term recovery, and to initiate awareness of the disease of addiction.



Ryan Williams

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